Hotel Maastricht

Member of La Bergère Group

LBG logo 200x200La Bergère Group, based in Maastricht, was established on January 6, 2009. La Bergère Group is active in creating and utilising innovative concepts for projects in the areas of real estate development, hospitality services and related areas. The group is structured in three independent divisions, each with its own specialties: La Bergère Operations in the hospitality sector, La Bergère Investments and La Bergère Concepts.

The various activities of the company are organised within the framework of La Bergère Group in order to clarify and structure the various interrelationships more effectively. La Bergère is now back with the parties that originally gave it its name and who invested a great deal in 1991 in the name which stood for the first Design hotel in the Benelux region. Now that the name is no longer associated with a hotel, it became appropriate to create La Bergère Group. Based on these three separately structured and independent divisions, the group now works with very strong brands and is able to position its enterprises in the following three markets: hospitality, concepts and real estate.

“For some years now, we have been involved in a wide range of activities. As these activities all had their own brand name, the overall picture was not always clear to our clients and business relations. By structuring all these activities within the framework of a ‘family name’ we hope to make things clearer to our business relations. This is also the idea behind the creation of La Bergère Group. The creation of independently structured units enables us to work with strong brand names and position our enterprises in various markets. We create and exploit real estate concepts and hospitality formulas for the next generation which meet the expectations of the consumer of the future,” according to Rino Soeters.

Opportunities in the markets relevant for La Bergère Group are approached with a mentality based on hospitality and user friendliness. It's about creating concepts and then developing and supervising them. This involves solutions for real estate, innovative concepts, identifying trends and above all making choices that benefit our clients and business relations and their clients. These strengths and competencies are deployed in the market by La Bergère Group with passion and not only for its own utilisation.

“We believe in total concepts, implemented innovatively and creatively and with a solid basis. And above all, we do fun things, which is also why people enjoy doing them with us!” adds Rino Soeters, director of La Bergère Group.